Past Results and Averages For 2020
Nov. 8 Crestcnt Oaks Crescent Oaks
Nov. 1 Dunedin Dunedin
Oct. 24 Westchase Westchase
Oct. 18 Southern Hills Southern Hills
Oct. 11 Waterlefe Waterlefe
Sept. 26 Eaglebrooke Eaglerooke
Sept. 2o Innisbrook Innisbrook

Pine Barrens

Pine Barrens
Sept. 5 Saddlebrook Saddlebrook
Aug. 29 Cheval Cheval
Aug.15 Eagles Eagles
Aug. 9 Copperhead Copperhead
Aug 1 Lexington Oaks Lexington Oaks
July 25 Hernando Oaks Hernando Oaks
JUly 19 Skyview Skyview
July 18 Black Diamond Black Diamond
July 11 Lake Jovita- South Lake Jovita - South
July 5 Eagles - Forest Eagles - Forest
June 27 Waterlefe Waterlefe
June 21 Carrollwood CC Carrollwood CC
June 14 Bayou Club Bayou Club
May 31 Cheval Cheval
May 24 Southern Hills Southern Hills
May 16 Rolling Oaks Rolling Oaks
May 9 Lansbrook Lansbrook
May 2 Eagles Lakes Eagles Lakes
Apr 18 Bardmoor Bardmoor
Apr 11 Eagles-Forest Eagles-Forset
Apr 5 Bloomingdale Bloomingdale
Mar 28 Cheval Cheval
Mar 22 Timber Greens Timber greens
Mar 15 Countryside Courntryside
Mar 8 Crescent Oaks Crescent Oaks(Did not use)
Mar 1 Hernando Oaks Hernando Oaks
Feb 23 Eagles Forest Eagles Forest
Feb 15 Plantation Palms Plantation Palms
Feb. 9 Lansbrook Lansbrook
Feb. 1 Temple Terrace Tempe Terrace
Jan. 25 Dunedin Dunedin
Jan. 18

Lake Jovita North

Lake Jovita North
Jan. 12 Seminole Lake Seminole Lake
Jan. 5 Crescent Oaks Crescent Oaks

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