Our Objective Is...

For Men and Women who seek a degree of competitive weekend golf at a variety of the top privae and semi-private golf courses in the 5 county Tampa Bay area on weekends and trips to Orlando. Those who become involved know they have an organized game to play in each week and a great opportunity to meet others.  Our group plays a quota game every weekend on a Saturday or Sunday. Pace of play will be expected to be in 4.5  hours or less for 18 holes.

How your quota is established...

First time players will be required to play with our group twice to establish their initial quota. On the third time of play you are required to pay the $10 for the quota game Skins and CTP's are $5 each and our optional.  We do not take into account whether you have a handicap or a quota from another group. The third time you play, then the two scores will be averaged to determine your quota.  Each time a player completes a round, their quota will be determined by the average of the scores that they have played and will be displayed on line. Once a player has completed five rounds, the oldest score will be dropped and the last played round will be in a bold. From then on, your quota will be the average of the most recent five scores. The most that a player can go down in one round is six points and there is no cap on how many points a player goes up in a round. The minimum quota required is 7 points. However for players that are 7 and under are allowed to take a .5 point on a bogey. Your quota history will be updated weekly.

For Questions About Our Guidelines...

Go above to the scores tab in the menu above. If you have any additional quesions feel free to email me.

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