Group Rules To Remember At The Course...

• You must pick up your ball if you can’t score a point.
• When its your turn to putt be ready.
• Line up you putts before its your turn to putt.
• Please be at the course 30 minutes before your tee time.
• Be on the tee 5 minutes before your tee time.
• Skins & CTP's must be collected prior to first tee time.
• If you’re late we won’t wait for you!
• We like to see players finish in 4 hours!
• Golf carts that have been organized for our group to the driving range.

Note: If golf is officially cancelled during the golf event due to inclement weather or for whatever reason, no points will be recorded and monies will be refunded. As usual we will hold all monies for players.

Tee Boxes...

As you know tee box colors and distances vary from course to course. We try and average the yardage between the Ladies’ and Men’s tees around a difference of 450 yards btween tee boxes. An example is the white tees are 6,250 yard so we will look for yardage for the ladies between 4800 -5,250 yards which may not be red tees. Courses are slowly moving away for the standard color tees. Blue will also be different colors.

Ladies Senior teesUnder 4900
Ladies tees (Red or Orange) 4900 to 5499
Seniors/Ladies tees - (Gold or Green, yardage varies)
White (Different Colors) 5900 - 6399
Blue or Black tees 6400 - 6700

If blue tees are over 6700 players can play white par 3's

Every golf course you visit is likely to have multiple sets of tees, as designated by colored markers on the teeing grounds at the start of each hole. Most golf courses have at least three to four sets of tees, Red tees which are usually red or orange, middle tees, and back (or championship) tees. Other courses might have as many as five, six or seven sets of tees.
Paradise Golf in conjunction with the Florida State Golf Association offers an official USGA GHIN handicap for $30.