Bad Weather Rules
(written by Steven Lynch)

If you sign up to play, you are committed to the entire round. Only when the course is closed will betting stop and monies are returned. If you choose to leave the course because of weather conditions or outside influence, your money will stay in the pot.

If the group is forced to stop, an evaluation of the daily play will be reviewed and a total number of holes that were played by everyone will be the grounding for payouts. For players that stop at any point in the round because of bad weather the holes you have played with be prorated. For example if you played 13 holes and stopped you would that would be 72% and you would and that will give you the quota you needed to reach at that point. If you are past it, great. If not, that is the unfortunate circumstance.

For CTP’s
a. if three out of four were played – everyone will be given $1 back
b. If two out of four were played – everyone will get $2 back
c. Three out of Four – everyone will get back $3

All of those entered into the Skins pot will follow the percentage rule Based on 20% ruling.
a. If 20% was finished - $4
b. If 40% was finished - $3
C. If 60% was finished - $2
d. If 80% was finished - $


CTP signs are not to be placed in the line of flight of the
flagstick. You can place them on the left, right or above the flagstick. CTP signs should always be placed on the green. If there is not enough room you can write the yardage on the sign but It’s the players
responsibility to check the yardage on the CTP sign.

Paradise Golf in conjunction with the Florida State Golf Association offers an official USGA GHIN handicap for $20.